Sewing as a Service (SaaS)

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We all have that coveted yardage of fabric we bought ages ago, and it's been carefully stored until we have the proper time to work with it. Well the time never comes, life is busy, and when you do find yourself with free time, something else pops up and takes the free time and we are back to square one! Now, that doesn't have to be a problem, you can send your clean full yardage into me and I can turn it into the piece you've been dreaming to make.


I've been designing and making clothes for years and all my customers love my quality, so you know you can count on I Bambini Clothing for your custom needs.


This service includes sewing, trim, and custom sizing from our popular designs. You provide the materials. Materials must be a minimum of 1 yard, smoke free, fragrance free, and clean. Materials that are sent in dirty will be rejected and discarded, the shipper will have 5 days to provide a return shipping label at the shipper's expense.


If you aren't sure of what you need, then go ahead and select consultation option only, if you do know what you need, then pick the style and custom sizing if you need it. Consultation will give us a chance to review your designs and if your materials fit the requirement. After consultation - a remaining invoice will be sent.


If you don't see an option for what you need, select consultation and let's talk about your sewing service needs!


If you have purchased from another brand and need your items fixed, please select consultation as well, in most cases I will need to review your purchase to determine if it can be fixed before proceeding.