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The cost of handmade

I want to clear some things up, over the years I'd get a comment/message every now and then about my pricing for my designs. Sometimes it is assumed that I buy from China, get it made in China, other times it's the assumption that hand-made is cheaper. I am here to tell you, both conceptions are incorrect.I've been on the fence about addressing the situation, but I've been reminded that I do…

Macaron Pinafore

I love this little pinafore that can transform into a tunic when your little one starts to grow! I was inspired by one of my favorite shows for this style and decided to make it my own and put a little twist on it! It's a simple pinafore that has adjustable straps so you adjust its length. It can be layered with your favorite pieces (it is modeled with my double flutters tunic) or worn a…