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Behind the Scenes: Molly Playset

I strive to always have the perfectly captured shot that shows off the outfit for my stock photos, but if I am being honest, my favorite pictures are the ones I usually can't use due to technical requirements. In an attempt to look polish and organized, I crop all my images into squares for the website so that everything is balanced. So I thought, I could start a blog post before every releas…

Every FAE Bubble ever Made

Here's my official collection of every Fae Bubble ever made! What's a Fae Bubble? It's a magically, wonderfully, super ruffle-ly custom bubble with POCKETS for daysssss and it is the cutest little thing with adjustable straps for maximum wear!!! It is one of my favorite designs to make because I get to work with YOU to finish it! You get to pick the colors and we come up with a one of kind sp…