Designed and Made in USA.


Our collection is crafted with comfort and ease in mind. So while your child will fall in love with the charming and intricate designs, most importantly they’ll be able to enjoy their carefree days in style. We believe all children, including those with sensory processing issues, should be able to enjoy stylish, whimsical outfits so we focus on making our designs not only irresistible but also super-soft to the touch. We achieve this by making sure we use 100% premium cotton to line our designs, to minimize the possibility of irritation from seams or tags.

Imaginative children who prefer dressing up will be encouraged to brain-travel anywhere they desire with our playful designs. More adventurous types will appreciate the rugged durability flexible enough to climb trees, comfortable enough to chase bubbles, and tough enough to deal with annoying older brothers.


Your child is a treasure, lovely and remarkable in their own distinctive way and they deserve nothing but the best. Certainly we work hard to make sure they have their needs met, but they also need certain intangible things to spark and nurture their imagination as they adventure through their day. This is the essence we hope to deliver to you at I Bambini Clothing.

I Bambini Clothing is an online children’s boutique, offering unforgettable clothes for unforgettable kids. Our whimsical, vintage-inspired outfits are designed for children who adore dressing up… but are durable enough for when adventure strikes (because it almost always does).


Our goal at IBC is simple: joy. We want you and your child twirling around with uncontrollable smiles on your faces.To achieve this goal, we have created one-of-a-kind designs that are guaranteed to make your sweetly-unique little one stand out in the crowd. We are also dedicated to your satisfaction, because to us you aren’t just a customer, you’re a part of our family. This is what we call the ‘I Bambini Experience’.

All our clothes are meticulously handcrafted with love, deep in the heart of Texas. We eagerly support other small businesses by striving to source our materials through them; so with every heirloom-quality, nostalgic design you purchase, you’ll also be helping support the small business economy and the everyday people who run those businesses.


The year: 2002

The Event: Senior Prom

After waiting an excruciating amount of time, the highlight event of 4 years of high school was finally here. Countless hours of chit-chat with my girlfriends revolving around crucial topics like limousines, makeup, dresses, and hair.

OHHHH the hair! Who can forget those adventurous hairstyles of our past?

On second thought, scratch that, let’s forget about the hair.

More importantly, I was a big hit at the prom.

No, I wasn’t the most popular, or had the best dance moves (my style IS electrifying if you ask me, though) or anything like that.

What I did have, was my entire prom weekend and then some paid for by designing and selling dresses to three of my classmates!

From that point forward I knew I was destined to design.

My dreams took a detour though and I ended up with a corporate job.

My designs went from dresses to daydreaming doodles but the fire within me was still lit.

When I first experienced the frustration of buying kids’ clothes, the shoddy quality and “me-too” designs were enough to both make me scream and ignite my past passionate spark into a wildfire.

I was on a mission to dress my tots in unique designs and durable clothes, built to stand up to the rigorous vigor of children’s’ everyday life.

Living with my husband in Italy, I was inspired by the elegance of the Italian language and the name I bambini (The children) stuck in my brain.

Alas, my online boutique was born and I am truly in my happy place.

Because of my sour shopping experience, I am committed to:

* The highest quality cotton dresses, which have subsequently been battle tested by thousands of kids without a single complaint about durability.

* One of a kind designs you won’t find mass produced. Know your child will stand out in a sea of repetitiveness.

* Designing dresses fancy enough for a special occasion, but practical and tough enough for everyday life.

* Fostering children’s creativity through whimsical patterns and colorful styles.

All this is why it brings me great joy to have each dress individually handcrafted to our meticulous standards. 48 reviews with 47 of them being five-star and 1 four-star. Almost all of these satisfied customers rave about two things.

The customer service and the quality/durability of the dresses. This brings me immense pride and I promise to continue to deliver the highest value to you with every new design.

I know how critical our children are to us and how difficult growing up can be sometimes. Schoolwork, bullying, first crush, the list of worries is a mile long. One thing they should never worry about is their clothing.

That’s why we at I Bambini are eternally grateful you trust us to grow together with your child.

Life is tough enough without feeling comfortable and looking fabulous.

Kim Williams