I Bambini Life

I've always had a passion for designing, my very first piece went to a couple of high school peers for prom and the desire to create my own clothing line only grew from there. But I had a few detours to take before I would finally arrive at launching my own clothing line. 

What I envisioned were clothes that were durable enough to withstand our children's daily adventures, but also show off the nuances of a happy childhood. Shopping for clothes always left me a little frustrated with the lack of "complete" design IMO, it always bothered me when a company couldn't go just a bit further and make that soft t-shirt out of actual natural fibers, or when a design was only on the front bodice and didn't follow through on the back of a dress, or the LACK of pockets! Such easy simple and essential things missing from many available designs. 

The BX line was dreamed up by my desire to provide something better to the market: made in USA; first quality craftsmanship; better materials. Layering pieces are the foundation of any good outfit, and BX seems to be staple that will last season after season. 

I promise to write about more entertaining topics in the future, but for now, this is a good glimpse into the I Bambini Life. Check out our newest release, the Carina Dress: https://ibambini-clothing.com/carina-dress/