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Hey there!!! Sometimes, I get too excited about a design and make too much of it. In order to keep things moving along, I've chosen the designs and you get to choose the price!These are all first quality items, no flaws, no blemishes, and new condition. There is no catch, you get to pick what you want to pay! All designs will have 4 price points for you to choose from.

*Items from this category may not be combined with other offers*

  • Break even: covers the cost to design and produce the style: pattern development, samples, cutting, sewing, quality control, and materials. 
  • Sustainability: covers the break even + overhead related costs for marketing the item during its initial release
  • Investment: covers break even + sustainability + enough profit to put back into the business to design and explore new ideas!
  • Retail: covers all of the above and little bit of change for my pocket, thank you! 
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Lil' Cindy Lou Dress - Adobe Blue

Who wouldn't love her in this adorable A-line dress?! Rows of mini-ruffles and a pocket set at a fun angle will ensure she charms anyone she meets, even the Grinch. 100% Soft Cotton Machine Wash and Dry Designed and Made in the USA CMT by...